Messenger's note:

The Chronicles is a series that I have been writing for years, but only for a while putting them into a blog, it has influences from books, anime, comics, and even the music I listen to.

The names of the places in this story may or not be real, but this is fiction, and the story is set in an alternate ambiance, so don't expect total accuracy.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do when I write it, even if I take too long to update! xD


April 16, 2012

Chapter 12. The Hanging Man. Part II

In the beginning, everything was clear...

The dreams, the tasks, the relationships...

Now it is all a blur. 

Nadzieja felt like in a blur. 

She sat quietly, smiling, as Alexandr and Witold told her stories about their adventures. What has happened in all this time. She smiled, laughed a little and nodded. 

In her mind, it was different. 

She wanted to cry, so much time, so many things she had missed. The laughs they shared, the battles, the pain she could not have healed for them. 

There was also her, her own oddity or unknown. Now that she was a "complete" person, what changes in herself would she experience? once Nessa and Nadzieja joined together again, what is to be expected of her? 

Nad and Nessa were not that different, but one was created from the other, one was the remainder of the other. her memories now complete, make her feel no much different, just the realization that something indeed happened, that something was found. She was happy yes that finally she was complete, that her mind was complete, but she couldn't shake this feeling. 

The feeling of inevitable fate, a fate bigger than her, bigger than them. Yet she sat there smiling, it was a realization that she was alive again, that her nightmare of not knowing, was somewhat over. 

Now the path for her future, and for her friend's future seemed to be forward. The question was just, how forward was it? what is on that patch. 

Witold noticed as he turned to ask her something that she was in distress. She was smiling but her eyes, the eyes held her questions. 

-"Nessa..." he called to her.

-"Yes?" she replied a bit startled. 

-"Want something to drink?"

-"Sure..." she said with a small smile. 

Witold got up from the chair and patted her head as he went to the kitchen to serve her a drink. 

Little did she know that once he patted her head, he could tap on her mind. Witold had developed his ability as a healer/mind seer. No one really knew except for Alexandr and Richard. 

He hoped against hope that Nadzieja did not notice the intrusion. 

As he walked to the kitchen, and prepared some drinks. He kept seeing images in his head, memories all caught up in each other. battle scenes in places he did not recognize. 

Dark, unknown, confusing. 

Two Nadziejas, rather two, not anymore. They were one and the same now. One and the same. 

He grabbed his head a little, it was all coming too quickly for him, so many emotions, so many thoughts and images. 

In the background he could hear Alexandr chatter away, making Nadzieja smile a little. 

In his mind he was in a dark place, with a grey brick road path that had no clear destination. 

Behind him, the noises of a bustling city, nothing he recognized. He looked again at the grey brick path. He saw two girls there, the two Nessas.

They could not see him or hear him, they were sitting together talking, laughing a little. They suddenly got up and they joined hands. Then they started walking down the grey brick pathway. 

He tried to follow, but he found himself not being able to walk. He grabbed his head for a bit. He was being called back.

Alexandr called him to join on a story he was telling Nadzieja. 

-"In a bit! just finishing up here..." he yelled across the kitchen. 

He grabbed the drinks and went back to the living room, while he set things up he could not help but glance over Nadzieja as she thanked him for her drink, he glanced with a hint of sadness.

They stayed and talked for hours. Nadzieja even though her initial reaction was to cry, she was opening herself up for the possibility of getting back as if she had never left. She was smiling broadly now, with more feeling. 

Witold worried and smiled whenever he smiled. Alexandr just chatted away. 

These were signals of newer times, these were signals of new beginnings and newer endings. 

-End of part II-